09 de Dezembro de 2010

whatever works - life isn't on paper

-Let's face it, Jessica, okay? Our marriage hasn't been a garden of roses. Botanically speaking, you're more of a Venus flytrap.

-You are a very difficult man to live with.

-Is that why you had an affair?

-I didn't have an affair. lt was a brief interlude of infidelity, and it happened years ago. You still can't forget it!

-I see everything so clearly now. Everything! I married you for all the wrong reasons.

-What's that supposed to mean?

-You're brilliant. I wanted someone to talk to. You loved classical music, you loved art, you loved literature. You loved sex! You loved me!

- Those sound like pretty good reasons to me!

-Yes! Exactly! That's the problem! That's the problem! lt was rational, it made sense!

- I don't know what went wrong. When you examine it, there is so much right about us.

- On paper we're ideal. But life isn't on paper.
porra, woody allen.

Clara Averbuck é escritora


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Ilustrações: Eva Uviedo

hand made by: SENSO*